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Exploring Science-Fiction & Fantasy Creators From Marginalised Genders

Last year, in honour of 200 years since Frankenstein, we attempted to tweet a daily list of 200 science fiction books from writers who are not cis-male. However, real life got in the way of completing it all.

As such I am now sharing here the full list:

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Cloaked Creators

Welcome to Cloaked Creators- a website dedicated to celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy writing from women and non-binary authors.

Science Fiction and Fantasy is too often seen only as something made by men for men. We want to analyse, review, critically engage with and share our love of the genre, focusing on the writers who might otherwise be overlooked.

We do not see ourselves as experts or even the best resource online (you can find more links to other brilliant places to check out and learn more), we just want to be one more voice that can battle the constant marginalising of non-cis-male writing within the genre. We hope you will find this interesting, thought provoking and will keep engaging with us.

We hope you enjoy our thoughts and will check out many of the authors for yourselves.

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