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By: cloakedcreators | August 17, 2018

And so we come to the end. A fun adventure in reading and debating our favourite books of the year. After a lot of discussion here are our winners:

Best Fantasy Novel:

Under the Pendulum Sun – Jeannette Ng

Fantasy Novel 

This ended up being a really varied category, showing how strong and diverse the field is. From romance to grimdark, from urban fantasy to experimental southern gothic, we had to weigh how they worked in their various subgenres as well as against each other. But in the end Pendulum Sun was one that was generally beloved and we could get behind. Combining the gothic literary tradition, explorations of colonialism, surrealism and fairytale it had so much we were able to discuss and explore.

Best Science Fiction Novel:

An Unki...

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By: cloakedcreators | November 10, 2016

By Kris and Nisha

We are great lovers of book awards, we love to discuss them and look at them in depth. With the celebration of the well-deserved wins of women writers (predominantly women of colour) at the 2016 Hugo awards, the 1941 Retro Hugos were largely overlooked. On the one hand all the winners were white men but on the other in the majority of categories at least one female nominee made the top 10 (the drama, fan and graphic story categories lacked women created works).

Here I wanted to look at these texts in more depth and how well they shape up with the other nominees in this category.

Note: You can see more discussion of other eligible nominees at the Retro Hugo Women Livejournal

Best Novel

Top 10 by number of nominations:
1. Slan by...

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