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By: cloakedcreators | December 03, 2016

WriterG. Willow Wilson

Artists: Adrian Alphona, Nico Leon & Takeshi Miyazawa

Colourist: Ian Herring

Lettering: Virtual Calligraphy & Joe Caramagna

Ms Marvel: Super Famous
Image Credit: Marvel

By: cloakedcreators | November 16, 2016

Writer: Holly Black

Artists: Lee Garbett & Stephanie Hans

Colourist: Antonio Fabela

Lettering: Todd Klein
Cover Artists: Dave Johnson & Christopher Moeller

Lucifer Cover

Category: Graphic Novel 

Tags: Woman Writer, Fantasy 

By: cloakedcreators | October 27, 2016

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist and Co-Writer: Sophie Campbell

Colourist: Maria Victoria Robado

Lettering: Shawn Lee

Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem
Image Credit: IDW

By: cloakedcreators | June 18, 2016

Ming Doyle, James Tyrion IV, Riley Rossmo, Chris Visions, Scott Kowalchuk, Ivan Plascencia and Lee Loughridge


Review by Kris
Image credit: Goodreads

A brief history first. John Constantine was created during Moore, Bissette and Totleben’s Swamp Thing run in 1985 and soon got his own ongoing series- Hellblazer- which ran for 300 issues. This was a fan favourite and has been critically acclaimed throughout most of its run.

However, following the New 52 relaunch, Constantine joined the new team book Justice League Dark. Whilst Hellblazer continued, initially DC made the decision to cancel the sub-10k order book in 2013 and launch a new story with the New 52 Constantine. Whilst initially successful there was a lot of backlash and sales figure...

Category: Graphic Novel 

Tags: Woman Writer, Fantasy