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About Us


Nisha is the general editor and co-founder of Cloaked Creators. She is a self-published YA author, a teacher of creative writing and dance, and a workshop leader on ritual dance. I mostly enjoy reading supernatural, dystopian and political fiction.   


Kris is the co-founder of Cloaked Creators and reviews in various around the internet. He spends far too much time reading genre fiction and insists on telling people about them. He loves trying everything, the weirder the better.

Dozey is a cat.


Debbie started reading SFF as a kid and hasn't stopped yet. Will read almost anything if there might be magic in it, and is slightly concerned about the size of her TBR pile.


Matt loves lots of different types of Science Fiction and Fantasy and constantly wishes there was more time to read them all.  He is also slightly worried that the TBR pile is staring back at me.  He also reviews for Geekplanetonline and can be found on twitter as @runalongwomble.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we love to hear from fellow readers/writers. Fill in the form below!

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