Cloaked Creators

Exploring Science-Fiction & Fantasy Creators From Marginalised Genders

Here are some other good sites to learn more about Women and Non-Binary creators in Science Fiction and Fantasy:


SF Mistressworks: Ian Sales’ long-running site reviewing classic women’s science fiction:


Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia: Although not updated in a long time, an in depth site for exploring feminist genre fiction:


A Celebration of Women Writers: Includes a long list Pre-1950 Utopias and Science Fiction written by Women:


Strange Charm: Joanna and Rachel showcase the best speculative fiction by female authors:


Women In Science Ficton: Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s exploration of women in science fiction:


Breaking The Glass Slipper: Megan Leigh’s podcast series exploring women in SFFH:

Listen directly on Soundcloud


Manic Pixie Dream Worlds: Cecily Kane’s blog on women writing and reading speculative fiction:


Ax Wound: The official blog of Women in Horror Month promoting the work of women in the Horror field:


Post-Binary Gender in SF: An article series by Alex Dally McFarlane looking at Post-Binary Gender:


Non-Binary Authors to Read: Where to Start: A. C. Wise’s article series on Non-Binary authors:


Trans* & Intersex Science Fiction: A discussion of Trans and Intersex characters in science fiction:


She Has No Head: Kelly Thompson blog on CBR about women in comics:

Including a fan poll of the top 50 female comic book creators and writers:


Women Write About Comics: Writing about comics, creators, and geek culture from a feminist perspective:


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